About me

Kostas is working on Ships for the past 27 years. His profession takes him to places all over the world.

While his day job provides him the luxury to travel, its his photographic equipment and gear that allowed him to preserve the images and uniqueness each country has to offer. And while his gadgets and camera equipment help him to take an image it’s his desire and dedication to capture a moment – a fleeting precious moment that got him into photography.

His passion for photography is undeniably and so is traveling. What better way to merge this two great passions together. Admittedly, he is  still an amateur amidst a pool of professionals, but he is developing a style solely his own. 

At this point, he tries to veer away from simple snapshots and instead create  images that tells a story and captures its heart & soul. Finding the balance in transforming a seemingly ordinary image to an extraordinary one and yet still retain its essence, is what he hopes to achieve in each of his photos.
Through his photography lets enjoy the splendor of the world, savor its sights and taste. Through his captured images and event lets celebrate the diversity of culture.